Top questions

Do you accept e-receipts and Internet shopping receipts?

We currently work with paper receipts printed from supermarket tills. However, we're planning to add e-receipts and online shopping receipts later this year, and we'll certainly announce it on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ when it's ready!. If you would like more information about it, please email us

How can I withdraw my rewards?

We currently only offer PayPal as an option but we are working on introducing BACS payments in the near future.

How long until I receive my rewards after I've withdrawn them?

Your withdrawal request will be processed within 2 working days, where it is then processed by PayPal within 24 hours.


Is there a minimum amount I need to earn before I can withdraw from my Shopitize account?

Yes, the minimum amount you can withdraw is £5.

How many times can I redeem an offer?

You can only redeem an offer once. It is likely that you will receive a new offer for the same product but the details of this offer may differ and will require you to purchase the product again.

Why haven't I been given all my claimed rewards?

There can be several reasons but the most likely will either be that the receipt is damaged in some way or the photo is not completely legible. Click here to see a 'perfect receipt'. You can also report your receipt in-app to our customer services.

Can I buy a product from any store and still earn money?

No. All offers are specific to certain stores. Go to the product page, then tap on the [ i ] button to find out in which stores each offer is available..

Do I have to complete the 'tasks' for each offer?

The tasks are very simple and take very little time to complete. You need to complete at least one task for each offer. However, the more you complete the more your rewards will be worth.