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Apps Rush: Wrapp, Shopitize, Kinoma Play, Photosynth, The Beerdog, Glitch HQ, Frank Turner, Rolex and more

Posted by Stuart Dredge  

Tuesday 13 March 2021 11.28 GMT  

What's new on the app stores on Tuesday 13 March 2012  

A selection of 12 new apps for you today: 


Social gifting app Wrapp has launched in the UK, getting people to connect their Facebook accounts to get a list of free and paid-for gift cards to send to friends. Retailers and businesses taking part in the UK include ASOS, Aurora Fashions, Fitness First, Pizza Express and Theater Tokens.
Android / iPhone 


Shoptizie promises to help people "manage, understand and control your everyday shopping" by taking photos of receipts. It then stores and analyses them to provide reports on your spending. In the future, it will also offer personalised deals and discounts. An iPhone version will follow shortly.

Kinoma Play 

Kinoma Play isn't one app: it's 50. Or as its Google Play Store description puts it: "a suite of 50 apps focused around digital media, social networking, location, and search", with those apps combining information into five "dashboards" called Play, Search, Places, Music and Send.


Microsoft's panoramic-photos app Photosynth came out in the US in April 2011, and has since racked up more than 6m downloads. Now it's been released worldwide, so everyone else can join in the fun of having their panorama photos stitched together automatically.

The Beerdog 

The Beerdog is a social location app for fans of, yes, beer. The idea being that it awards points for finding interesting beers around the world and sharing them, using image recognition to identity bottles, tapheads and beermats from photos. US-only? Judging by the App Store screenshot of a bunch of brews found in Dunfermline, this is global.

Glitch HQ 

Games startup Tiny Speck has released an official Android app for its MMO Glitch, enabling players to check their profiles, message one another, learn and unlearn skills, and access their friend lists. For more on Glitch and mobile, read Apps Blog's interview from October 2011.

Frank Turner 

Singer/songwriter Frank Turner is playing Wembley Arena in April, and he's released an app to celebrate. Created by Offficial [sic] and PIAS Media, it'll see Turner posting videos, audio and photos from wherever he is in the world in the run-up to the concert.

Rolex 2012 Collection 

Tantalising timepieces ahoy! Rolex has launched an iPad app to show off its 2012 collection, including high-resolution photos, videos and interactivity. The focus is the Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller watch.

Project Sounds 

Project started life as the first iPad-only men's lifestyle magazine. Now it has a musical spin-off called Project Sounds, which includes an album's worth of songs from new artists tipped to be big in 2012. The link above is for iPad, but a separate iPhone version is available.
iPhone / iPad


MatchPint could be a godsend for sports fans in the UK: it shows a list of local pubs and bars that are showing matches – and which ones they're showing. Facebook is tied in to invite friends along.


Hmm, there's something familiar about this game: guns, demons, strafing... Yes, this is an Android port of the original Doom forsmartphones and tablets, with the ability to also run Doom 2 if you have the .wad files to sling onto your device.

La Sagrada Familia 

Barcelona's famously unfinished cathedral now has an official app, developed by the Construction Board of the Basilica of La Sagrada Família. It offers a virtual tour of the interior.

Original Article from The Guardian