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Shopitize to unite consumers and brand


Simon Holland 

Web and mobile platform Shopitize has the power to help brands better understand consumer spending habits across channels at the individual-product level, as well as the ability to provide more targeted offers.

Shopitize is an Android app that allows users to capture shopping receipt data using a smartphone camera. The receipts are then uploaded to the Shopitize website, where consumers can manage everyday receipts, create personalised shopping reports and have smart shopping reminders delivered to their smartphone.

Future development will see Shopitize released on iOS variants and supporting more than just groceries (it’s widely expected that high-street retailers will be supported, too). The potential this app brings to brands – even in its current form, where it uses algorithms to match receipt information with product data – is substantial. The system is set up in such a way that the more users participate, the more sophisticated it will become at predicting a consumer’s shopping behaviour.

Brand benefit 

Co-founder Irina Pafamova explains why Shopitize is hugely beneficial for brands looking to engage and target their customers: “Brands will be able to specifically target their most valuable and loyal customers with anything from introductory discounts on new products, offers that improve if shared with friends, or invitations to exclusive events organised by brands,” she revealed.

As to which brands are on board at this juncture, Shopitize hasn’t said specifically. All the company would divulge is that it’s holding discussions with global Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies regarding the confirmation of commercial launch partners, offering personalised rewards based on consumers’ actual shopping.

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