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Shopitize wants to gamify high street shopping

By Tim Green 


UK start-up lets users scan and upload till receipts in order to get rewards. 

Shopitize was founded in 2010 by former Australian cabinet minister Alan Griffiths, banker Irina Pafomova and management consultant Alexey Andriyanenko. 

Their big idea is to give consumers access to offers while brands get a better understanding of customer spending habits.

In the current beta release, users sign in to the website and then use the Shopitize Android app to snap photos of their grocery shopping receipts to upload to the site. Eventually this will expand beyond grocery to high street retailers.

Shopitize uses algorithms to match receipt information with product data. So the more users that participate, the more sophisticated the system will become at predicting a consumer’s shopping behaviour.

The firm says it's taking to FMCG companies about offering personalised rewards based on consumers’ actual shopping.

Pafomova said: “This will be instrumental in helping brands rationalise the wealth of shopping data information across channels.  By distilling insights based on actual shopping behaviour, Shopitize will enable more efficient and relevant offers to be provided by brands to their customers.

“In short, consumers want relevant offers - and brands want shopping information across all channels. That’s precisely what Shopitize is delivering.”


Original Article from Mobile Entertainment