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Shopitize is a mobile shopper marketing platform that drives shoppers to store to purchase, validates the purchase via a photo of the receipt and delivers a range of rewards. 
Without retailer or pack integration. We capture valuable shopper data to measure performance and inform future marketing activities.

Tailored for Your Marketing Objective


Build awareness and trial by reaching over 20M UK consumers in the Shopitize network

Drive repeat purchase and loyalty with unique engagement and activation mechanics

Leverage unique shopper data and insights to influence habits and shopper behaviour

Designed for Result-driven Marketers


It's smart

  • Shopper targeting based on shopper data and behaviour
  • Retailer agnostic - verifies purchases without retailer or POS involvement
  • Unique shopper data & insights across all retailers

It's easy

  • Low friction user journey verified by 100,000s of loyal shoppers
  • Experinced shopper marketing team to help plan and execute your promotions
  • Data & Insight dashboards for easy access to results

It's efficient

  • Risk free! Pay-by-result 
  • Cost effective rewards
  • Promotional caps and controls
  • Unique shopper targeting minimises media spend waste

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