About us

We launched Shopitize with a small team and big plans. With the help of our receipt-loving bunny robots, we have been helping our members save on their groceries ever since. Just like our team, our plans are getting even bigger.  We have been running trials with leading brands across the UK, helping us better understand our members and how they like to shop. Building on the success of the trials, our members can now earn even more rewards from a growing number of brands, while having fun in the process!


We Listen

At Shopitize, we're all ears. Whether it's criticism or compliments, our community members inspire us to improve the Shopitize experience. We are always paying attention, so drop us a line any time. 

We Optimize

This is only the beginning of our exciting journey. We're always looking for new ways to improve and build smarter solutions for our members, our clients and our partners.

We Learn

No one in our team knows everything, and everyone is always curious about new knowledge, new trends, and new ideas.

Meet the Team!

The Shopitize team is hiding behind the following favourite offers! Roll over each box to see the person behind the product.

Hon. Allan Griffiths

Executive Chairman
"Australia is almost always sunny"

Irina Pafomova

MD Business Development
"Love cheescake and cookies."

Dr Alexey Andriyanenko

MD Innovation
"Every journey starts with the first step"

Calle Engelmarc

General Manager"Love Soreen"

Roger Pubill

Campaign Manager"Perfect nibble. Say cheeese!"

Darren Crew

Business Development Manager"Err hello, money off beer!!!"

Ossie Bayram

Business Development Manager"Lettuce do business."

Erika Moreno

Lead Software Engineer"My favourite breakfast for the weekends!"

Chris Snell

Product Manager"Goes great with Gin"

Vitaliy Vodolaga

Business Analytics"Refreshing and energizing"

Kevin Philemon

Content Manager"Beer was taken."

Marcello Traversi

Software Engineer"Have you ever tried Nutella Pizza?"

Ryan Carse

Customer Service Manager"Breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions!"

Rory Francis 

Campaigns & Insights Manager"Eat it? No, I schmear it on a bagel!"

Sander Koelstra

Senior Software Engineer"Can't pick Just one"

John Kalantzis

Python Developer"Tasty Breakfast! What's not to like?"

Brett King

Technical Director"Marvellous!"

Muhammad Zakariya Serroukh 

Quality Assurance Analyst"Who doesn't love it?"

Arianna Sanfiel González 

Python Developer"How happiness tastes!"

Sara Chaves 

Customer Experience & Community Manager"Sometimes a girl's gotta have some chocolate"

Want to get in touch?

Just drop us a line at feedback@shopitize.com