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Budvar Sees 56 per cent Purchase Rate with Mobile Campaign

Posted by Shopitize

Jun 29, 2021 9:55:00 AM

News Source:  Mobile Marketing Magazine

 Czech beer manufacturer Budweiser Budvar is celebrating its recent  brand awareness campaign with shopper marketing            platform Shopitize which saw 56 per cent of users who completed a  brand interaction on the app going on to purchase one of company’s  products.

 The campaign enabled Shopitize users to claim money off the retail  cost of a 500ml bottle of Budweiser Budvar when they took a picture  of their receipt using the app, regardless of the retailer they bought  the product in.

 The programme, which was designed to raise brand awareness on  mobile as well as drive sales, also included an interaction with  shoppers aimed at highlighting Budvar’s credentials and reinforcing  its core brand messaging.

 “The initial results were very promising, displaying a strong  conversion rate from shoppers that engaged with the offer on the  app,” said Simon George, UK sales director for Budweiser Budvar UK. “With Shopitize, we are able to learn even more about where and when our shoppers are buying our products, no matter which store they chose to buy them from.”

36 per cent of all active Shopitize users clicked on the campaign to find out more about Budvar, with 27 per cent of those completing the interaction with the product, which detailed the unique maturation process Budvar goes through to achieve its taste.

Following the success of the campaign, Budvar plans on using the data acquired to re-target the shoppers in differing ways depending on where in the path to purchase they got to, and how the offer was redeemed. The insights will also be used to encourage trade up to multipacks, support upcoming NPD and gain new retailer insights.

“The success of the campaign really demonstrates the value of being able to track each shopper at every stage of the path to purchase,” said Chris Newbery, sales director of Shopitize.

“For all brands, building one-to-one relationships with shoppers is key to standing out from your competitors. Delivering regular mobile engagement campaigns is a very effective way of doing this, regardless of where a customer shops.”


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