Throw a Christmas bash on a budget!

Dec 16, 2021 12:48:17 PM

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to celebrate with the ones we love! And with these festive ideas, there's no need to break the bank for your Christmas party this year! So, let's set the ambiance with a golden light and your dining table with rustic napkin rings. Then we'll warm your guests with a spicy potpourri and a sparkling Christmas punch. 

Read on to get into the Christmas spirit with these fun and festive Christmas crafts and recipes!

Christmas Candleholders

Image source: DiyaCraftsNow

This simple candle centrepieces will bathe your party in a warm glow and put your empty glass jars to good use. 

• Empty Glass Jar 

• Tealight Candle

• Ribbon, Twine or Lace

• Sprig of Rosemary, Holly, or Evergreen

• Pinecones

Place a few sprigs of holly, rosemary or evergreen inside the bottom of your jar. Following the curve of the glass, your sprigs will resemble a little wreath. Place a tealight inside the wreath, being careful not to let the leaves near the wick. Wrap the rim of the jar with ribbon, twine or lace, tying another sprig of holly, evergreen or even a couple or pine cones into place. Make as many as you like to set your table aglow! 

Starry Christmas Punch

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This sparkly punch is as tasty as it is beautiful, yellow stars floating in a sky of festive red. 

• 3 Star fruit, sliced

• Frozen Cranberries

• 3 Oranges, sliced

• 1 Bottle Red Wine  (this is for mixing, so avoid anything fancy!)

• 1L Bottle Fizzy drink (try lemonade or ginger ale for a classic or elderflower for something a bit more unique!)

• 500ml Cranberry or Orange Juice

• Cinnamon Sticks

Mix these ingredients together and serve in a punch bowl or pitchers with lots of ice and frozen cranberries. For the kids' table, simply swap wine with cranberry juice or fruit punch! 

Pomander Potpourri

Image source: Shutterstock 

Smells evoke the senses like nothing else and this spicy potpourri is sure to conjure up the cosiest of Christmas memories.  

• 3-5 Oranges

• 1 Jar Whole Dried Cloves

• Cinnamon Sticks

• Anise Stars

• Pine cones

• Toothpick

• Bowl or Glass Vase

Zesty citrus and earthy cloves act as the base notes in this all-natural potpourri, so let's start there. Using a toothpick, carefully push holes into an orange, creating the pattern you want. Using a handful of whole cloves, push one into each of the holes. You've now made your first orange pomander! After you've made a few, arrange them with the cinnamon sticks, anise stars, and pinecones in a serving bowl or a clear vase.  

Apple Christmas Dip

Image Source: Tastebook

How do you make a Christmas party even better? Cream cheese! This rich and creamy dip goes beautifully with tart and crunchy apple slices for a sweet treat with a healthy twist. 

• 250g Cream Cheese (room temperature)

• 75g Brown Sugar

• 150-200g Hard Toffee, crushed

• 3 Red Apples

• 3 Green Apples

Beat the soft cream cheese and brown sugar until smooth. Spread the mixture evenly into a shallow bowl or dish. Sprinkle the crushed toffee over the mixture until completely covered. Served with festive green and red apple slices, this decadent dip is sure to please!

Festive Herb Napkin Rings

Image source: spoonforkbacon

These simple napkin rings will add a dash of colour and flavour to your table setting this Christmas. Using fresh sprigs of rosemary, these edible decorations add not only to the ambiance, but the meal!

• Sprigs of Rosemary (one for every guest)

• String, Twine, or Ribbon

• Scissors

Taking a long sprig of rosemary, connect each end to make a small wreath. Fasten the ends using string and tie a bow. Repeat until you have a fragrant napkin ring for each guest. When you sit down to dine, invite your guests to garnish their plates with the fresh herbs!

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So what about you? Do you have any Christmas party plans this year??

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